Kaw Kaw Mountain Arabica Importers and distributors of premium green coffee beans

PNG Mountain Arabica is grown in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. PNG Arabica beans is offered in the Australian market for direct purchase.

Papua New Guinea produces some of the World’s best arabica coffee thanks to the rich soils, high elevation and mild year round climate.

Our coffee beans are single-sourced and organically grown in small village based family farming communities in the Asaro/Goroka area and all coffee is grown above 2000m. The price received by our growers is higher than “fair-trade”.

The tree ripened cherries are handpicked and transported to the Kamaliki coffee mill. Only fresh and ripe cherries are selected and at Kamaliki, the entire process is controlled from cherry to the finished green bean stage. After removal of the skin and completion of a careful fermentation process, there is a strictly controlled sun-drying operation to achieve an optimal moisture content of 10 per cent. The inner hull is then removed exposing the green bean. The final step is a meticulous hand-sorting process to ensure quality and consistency before packaging and shipping. This carefully designed quality control procedure retains the naturally occurring acid levels and highlights the intense and complex flavoursome body.

Grading of coffee in Papua New Guinea is flawed with the system dominated by the interests of the plantations to the detriment of smallholders, despite smallholders growing two-thirds of all coffee produced. Smallholder growers are mostly at higher elevation than the plantations and do not use fertilisers, resulting in a better product at the cup compared to plantation coffee. In general, smallholder coffee is classified as Y-grade regardless of the quality — which explains why buyers often experience variable quality. Our coffee too is graded as Y. Crucially the strict quality control procedure at Kamiliki — where the process is controlled from the harvested cherry — ensures the natural superior flavour of the beans is retained in full, resulting in a product that stands out compared to other Y-grade smallholder beans.

Supply and packaging

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